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Here are a few programs/games I've created!

All download amounts started since 2016-10-27.


DiscordConsole file_download Alternative: Source Code Downloads: 115 link Copied!

Take control over a discord bot or just use it for your account. Open Source

AllWritey file_download Alternative: JAR Downloads: 69 link Copied!

It's finally here! The text processor All Writey allows you to make documents with ease!

FolderSync file_download Downloads: 15 link Copied!

Backup your important files quickly! Easy GUI and Real time sync. Force Sync available.


OptiFine Auto Updater file_download Alternative: Minecraft Forum Thread Downloads: 80 link Copied!

Ever getting tired of updating OptiFine? Because I sure have, so I let my computer do it for me.

MCMini file_download Downloads: 7 link Copied!

Multiple mini programs to assist your Minecraft experience! Tired of frekkin autojump?

Structure Extractor file_download Alternative: EXE, JAR Downloads: 57 link Copied!

Who extracts structure files manually into the Minecraft World data folder anymore?


TIR file_download Downloads: 106 link Copied!

The ultimate Tic Tac Toe game with networking, bots and more!

Snake file_download Alternative: Source Code Downloads: Not counted. link Copied!

Open Source game, the one we all loved to play on the phones... SNAKE!

Ezcape file_download Alternative: JAR Downloads: 12 link Copied!

Puzzle game to figure out the right password to continue to the next room. "Enjoyable varying short game" - Entereloaded 2016

Small programs

CmdTable file_download Alternative: Java Version Downloads: 4 link Copied!

Generate an ASCII table via command line!

Crypter file_download Downloads: 17 link Copied!

Encrypt anything quickly and /very/ easily. Full command line support. Check out BatchCrypter for a way to encrypt a whole folder.

UndertaleInstaller file_download Alternative: Source Code, GitHub, All links actually link to the same page Downloads: Not counted. link Copied!

Just... see the github page for this one

WrapperUtil file_download Downloads: 1 link Copied!

Simply wrap programs to auto-restart (timeout) or measure time.

EasyInfo file_download Downloads: 5 link Copied!

Easy way to store data on screen. BUT... Including data from API calls or websites!


Clark file_download Alternative: EXE, JAR, Documentation Downloads: 17 link Copied!

The computer assistant programmable by everyone!

Clark Server GUI file_download Downloads: 4 link Copied!

Want a Clark Server, but you don't want to code? Previously I would've said "Too bad". Not any more.


CleverBots file_download Alternative: Source Code Downloads: 3 link Copied!

Ever wanted two cleverbots to speak... With each other? Oh jeez what have I done!

PingPlus file_download Alternative: Source Code Downloads: Not counted. link Copied!

Ping a URL to easily see which is fastest on avarage. Open source!

Screen Cover file_download Alternative: JAR Downloads: 23 link Copied!

Silly little program to cover something on your screen. Such as a webcam :P. Hey, you can change color

Pixel Tracker file_download Alternative: JAR Downloads: 27 link Copied!

Silly little program to chase a pixel color on your screen. Can play Google Image Breakout if you select the color #4A7395

PossessedComputer file_download Downloads: 6 link Copied!

Prank a friend with this! Waits a random delay from 30 minutes to 3 hours, then waits for them to become inactive just to write a spooky message on the screen.


itSpams file_download Alternative: JAR Downloads: 21 link warning Has messy and unfixed code involved Copied!

If your friends ever spam you, show them who is boss by spamming them back, and without lifting a finger >:D

Older and completely useless poop.