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TL;DR: Cookies. Press "Got it"

Ok so we don't actually store cookies as of writing this,
but this annoying popup claims the right to do so.
What I refer to as "cookies" is just a way for websites to store little pieces of data.
They are often used to remember settings and who you're logged in as.
Why would you need to know about this? Thank the cookie law.

Fun fact #1: The stupid EU is the one forcing pages to do this.
Fun fact #2: By even entering most pages it's too late.
Fun fact #3: The local storage could be used instead of cookies to bypass this stupid law.


GitHub repositories:

Literally just my "dotfiles" (except most don't even have dots in front of them). Not interesting, but 'kay.

Make a simple canvas, and export to clipboard. Hard to explain.

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Small tools to create and maintain AUR packages

Automatically mines certain types of blocks

Base64 implementation for fun

Make two CleverBots talk to each other...

Generate an ASCII table via command line!

Try every combination out of a built-in or custom dictionary

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This is a crappy chess minimax program.

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Simple automated player for

Sync a folder to another location. Useful for backup.

An ASCII table library written in Go

"Oh... Sir! The Insult Simulator" - like insults.
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My website

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Access the Join API simply via Java

Jointercept stands for Join Intercept and is a replacement for the buggy EventGhost to instead launch your own programs!

Simple Brainfuck interpreter

New redirecion page in jekyll.

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A quick math parser, kind of like simple-math rewritten in Haskell

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Simple math parser

A small application written in Go to forward messages over TCP

minttp is an experiment to see if I could create a simple and minimal HTTP library without any dependencies.

Short little scripts I have lying around

The repository with the pointless task of making text into a really big number.

powerline-shell rewritten in Rust. Inspired by powerline-go.

SSH-like application for remote support

Pure rust implementation of the rot26 algorithm

Attempt at an importer for Rust

Tries to find the word you are looking for and spell it correctly

SSL without a certificate authority

How Go's STD should've been... In minimal amounts of code

Play an image/video in your terminal!

A homepage for the termplay application

TimeControl is a mod that allows you to do a few things with time

A Go library to handle timeouts

No more stuggle with time zones... Thanks Discord!

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Backup your Undertale save files and replace them with new ones temporarily.

Program wrapper that lets you get how long it ran, auto-restart it, et.c

xautolock rewrite in Rust, with a few extra features

The following software are old, closed source, useless, and even unsupported.
You may browse through or even download them, but they will most likely be bad quality.

Here are a few programs/games I've created!

The text processor All Writey allows you to make documents with ease!

OptiFine Updater
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Ever getting tired of updating OptiFine? Because I sure have, so I let my computer do it for me.

Encode/Encrypt/Hash anything quickly and easily. Full command line support.

Multiple mini programs to assist your Minecraft experience! Tired of frekkin autojump?

The ultimate Tic Tac Toe game with networking, bots and more!

Easy way to store data on screen. BUT... Including data from API calls or websites!

Silly little program to cover something on your screen. Such as a webcam :P. Hey, you can change color

Silly little program to chase a pixel color on your screen. Can play Google Image Breakout if you select the color #4A7395

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Prank a friend with this! Waits a random delay from 30 minutes to 3 hours, then waits for them to become inactive just to write a spooky message on the screen.

If your friends ever spam you, show them who is boss by spamming them back, and without lifting a finger >:D

Older and completely useless poop.