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Here are some libraries I made for you!
to see new updates, follow @LibsByLego!

Join API for Java

Open source wrapper around jWebby and together with Google's Gson, you can communicate with your phone!

Animation and Design Library

Make working with Java Swing faster and cleaner!


Crawl websites easily! Also includes easier file management, because why the heck not ;)


Make games like it's nobody's business! And we don't mean easy as drag and drop! Still needs coding! Even though we made the game loop for you, it's still your game!


Make floating bubbles easy on PC. Everything both automated and customizable!


Make ASCII tables in Java! Mostly useful for console applications.


The above, rewritten in Go! Because Go is great for command lining!


Command line done simple!


Library for Go. Easier input handling and more!


The most USELESS library you've ever seen. Made for Go.


Pretty useless, but it's definitely maybe a tiny bit helpful as well. Also for Go.